3 best VPNs for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency payments


We are crypto enthusiasts and we love the things we can buy in crypto. Personally, if I have to choose between 2 products I choose the one which offers the possibility to pay in crypto. In this way I want to spread our culture as much as possible. Cryptocurrencies will become more popular and will be used by more people if we facilitate its usage. Being able to pay with it is one of them.

But not just this. We, the crypto enthusiasts, also don’t like to be tracked and controlled by our governments. Using crypto is a way to become invisible for its institutions. But using VPN, in my opinion, is also a must in order to freely use the internet nowadays. So, use a very good VPN and payments in crypto and you will make one more step towards freedom.

Talking about VPNs: a number of them now accept payment via Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies and I recommend you to use one of those, but which is the best one?

In certain circumstances, remaining anonymous is important. When you pay for services from your bank account, you create a trail that leads straight to your door, so that’s why the payment with BTC is so important.

Further I will present to you the best VPNs which you can buy with crypto:

  1. Safer VPN

SaferVPN is a VPN service known for online streaming. Just recently, they’ve shifted their focus towards online privacy and security. It is a simple app and you will love it from the beginning. SaferVPN struggles to provide steady connectivity while offering a service which allows you to securely making cryptocurrency payments. I will definitely place it among the best VPNs available in crypto.

You can download the app here

  1. PureVPN

PureVPN boasts a wide range of servers with more than 750+ servers based across 180+ locations. This service is available for all major platforms – Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, router, Amazon Firestick, Android TV, and many more. With AES 256-bit encryption as standard, users can securely make financial transactions without worrying about someone snooping on their online activities

  1. Express VPN

ExpressVPN offers fast connections and a wide server network. Server locations are important if you want to get into streaming services that run regional restrictions. These services block access from locations overseas. However, when you access them through the VPN, you’ll appear to be in the country of the VPN server. Security measures include a private Domain Name System (DNS), a kill switch to prevent unprotected internet connections, and automatic WiFi protection. The company is based in the British Virgin Islands and does not keep activity logs.


How to Choose the Best VPN for Cryptocurrencies

When choosing, just make sure the VPN service offers:

A large number of VPN servers

Exceptional online speeds

Instant connectivity

Live chat support to cater any issues

AES 256-bit encryption

Online security and anonymity

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