Azbit – all financial instruments with all kinds of assets in one platform



Azbit will provide traditional financial services for crypto projects and private users, as well as access to investment products. It will offer: ▲ For blockchain businesses and private individuals: traditional fiat banking and financial services, as well as brokerage services providing access to trading on traditional stock and currency markets ▲ For traders and investors: access via a single platform to the most popular cryptocurrency investment tools, such as trade copying, social trading and portfolio management ▲ For every crypto user: access to online trading in cryptocurrencies, as well as utility and security tokens.


Security will be guaranteed by risk management, through which investors themselves will set limits for their potential losses. In addition, the platform’s security system will block traders’ accounts if their activities appear suspicious and unusual. For the most conservative investors, the team will offer a product called CopyTrade. With CopyTrade accounts, money will not be transferred to a trader directly. Instead, the trader’s transactions will be automatically copied.

Problems & Solutions

Regulatory complexity. The lack of clear regulation is one of the most pressing issues facing the cryptocurrency market today. For all their attempts to impose order, legislators in most countries have been unable to reach agreement and establish once and for all the status of cryptocurrencies and tokens in general.

Solution. Azbit’s main project is therefore initially being established under European jurisdiction, with existing regulations in mind, so as to ensure unhindered access to traditional markets.

The complicated relationship between the banking and cryptocurrency sectors. The emergence of cryptocurrencies has only strengthened the trends already seen for a number of years in the banking sector. And while the cryptocurrency market might be going through teething troubles, the traditional banking sphere is experiencing a number of issues that are only getting worse.

Solution. Obtaining their own banking license will make dealing with banking systems smoother, and help to avoid problems both for their correspondent banks and for the crypto project itself. To date, we have obtained a Payment Institution license in the Czech Republic. The next stage will be to obtain a banking license in the European Union.

Investment platform

Their investment platform is one of Azbit’s key innovations. Successful traders will have the opportunity to raise additional trading capital, and investors to invest in cryptocurrency effectively and profitably.

The Azbit.ID secure identification system

The Azbit.ID system will offer users fast and secure access to all their services via a single registration and authentication service. Other blockchain projects will be able to use Azbit.ID for automation and to cut the costs of anti-money laundering (AML) and know your customer (KYC) procedures.

Token Sale

  • ICO 01.12.2018 – 31.01.2019
  • Azbit will share 75% of the total platform fee with token holders. Fee Sharing Bonus (FSB) will be credited via Airdrop on a monthly basis.
  • Token price: 1 AZ = $0.00012
  • Participation options: EUR, BCH, ETH, BTC, LTC, DASH, XMR
  • Hard Cap $28,901,378
  • Soft Cap $7,500,000
  • Name of token Azbit
  • Symbol AZ
  • Compatibility Ethereum (ERC-20)
  • Total number of tokens 401 408 000 000
  • Tokens available for purchase 240 844 800 000

Token Distribution

  • 60% Available for purchase
  • 15% Founders and team (vested for 2 years)
  • 5% Reserve fund (vested for 5 years)
  • 5% Advisors (vested for 12 months unless otherwise expressly agreed)
  • 3% Bounty
  • 2% Airdrop

For more information about Blinked access the link whitepaper and Azbit.

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