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Blinked is an existing social media platform for recommendations that is building upon the innovations in blockchain technology by integrating a proprietary Blinked (BLKD) crypto-token that will enable users to get paid for their recommendations and for experiencing digital ads. It is the first media platform that will deliver up to 90 percent of advertising revenue to users through the Blinked decentralized social media model.

Problem 1

Users Contribute Valuable Content to Social Media Platforms. Users provide feedback on hotels and restaurants on Travelocity, yet aren’t paid as contributors even though Travelocity monetizes their contributions daily. Users write lengthy articles on Huffington Post, yet still no compensation. Although some users are able to monetize their audiences by becoming influencers online, they are not compensated for the core content that they contribute by the very platforms they use.

Solution 1

Users are Paid for Their Recommendations and Content on Blinked. This document is intended only for the person(s) who were contacted directly by Blinked and it is not an offer to sell or a solicitation to buy any digital assets. It contains information that is confidential and privileged. If you have received this document in error, please notify the sender and delete this file. Users on Blinked earn Blinked Gold [BGZD] for their contributions and recommendations.

Problem 2

Centralized Social Media Networks Share No Revenue with the Very Users Who Make Their Platforms Successful. In an environment where social media platforms earn billions of dollars in advertising revenue based on monthly active users (MUVs), consumers are not compensated or incentivized for viewing ads or watching commercials.

Solution 2

Blinked is a Social Media Platform for Recommendations Where Users Share in Up to 90 Percent of Advertising Revenue. On Blinked, users are paid In Blinked Gold [BGZD] for viewing digital ads in numerous ways. In fact, up to 90 (ninety) percent of all ad revenue on Blinked will be allocated to users for their activity on the platform, with the balance allocated to fund administrative expenses.

Problem 3

Users Are Losing Trust in Centralized Social Media Platforms Due to Data Breach Issues. With companies like Google collecting more private data each day, users of centralized platforms are growing increasingly weary by the minute.

Solution 3

Blinked Integrity is Secured by the Blockchain. On the Blinked platform, A.I. algorithms will automatically match advertisers and viewers based on users’ own activity, so users can monetize their own data.

Problem 4

Advertisers Must Rely on Social Media Platforms Themselves and Use Pricey Third-Party Platforms for Analytics. With advertising campaign analytics solely owned by the centralized platforms themselves, advertisers must either trust the analytics provided and/or outsource pricey third-party tracking and auditing systems to verify their campaign results (i.e., open rate, click-thru rate, impressions, demographics, etc.).

Solution 4

Advertisers Have Full Transparency on Effectiveness of Their Ads on Blinked with Blockchain. Using blockchain, advertisers can reach Blinked users directly, tracking each and every user who has viewed an ad without any expensive and complicated third-party systems.

Problem 5

There are No Trusted, Pure Social Media Recommendation Platforms. The current review market is highly flawed. Most platforms that offer what may seem like recommendations, are really only in the review business.

Solution 5

Blinked is a True Recommendation Platform. Blinked platform offers recommendations from friends, experts, influencers, and favorite, well-known publications that you may choose to follow.

Problem 6

Platforms That Enable You to Recommend Anything are Non-Existent. There are no platforms that permit all-encompassing recommendations of things such as people, places, products, services, technology, events and more.

Solution 6

The Recommendation Opportunities on the Blinked Platform Are Endless. Blinked allows users to swiftly recommend an infinite number of items in dozens of categories including, but not limited, to food, dining, travel, entertainment, television, fashion, beauty and more.

Token Sale

  • 2018-10-01 – 2018-12-31
  • Token BLKD
  • Price 1 BLKD = 0.08 USD
  • Bounty Available
  • MVP/Prototype Available
  • Platform Ethereum
  • Accepting BTC, ETH, Fiat
  • Country USA

For more information about Blinked access the link whitepaper and Blinked.

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