Forex & Cryptocurrency Hedge Fund

What is Countinghouse?

Countinghouse is an international exchange platform characterized as “direct hedge” market ready fund that works on mathematical techniques and algorithm in order to gain profit from market trading. Countinghouse uses cryptocurrencies blockchain ecosystem power that not only gives users more financial freedom but also increases the capacity of governance for the user’s investments.

The platform is quite old and is successfully giving profit to their client of around 70% – 120%. Countinghouse started judging their techniques and algorithm in the market of cryptocurrency and concluded that their strategies result netting approx 600% in trading of 1 year.

How does Countinghouse work?

The working of Countinghouse funds is proficient. The user will be capturing a part of their fund if they purchase tokens of Countinghouse. This means if a user owns 20% of tokens then he will own 20% of the funds. The investment will certainly increase if the fund’s value increases in case everything goes well.

Countinghouse aims to acquire a part of their profit to once again purchase the tokens which result in cutting down the supply as well as increasing the value. The algorithm used in the trading makes the portfolio base of the company. The exact proportion of allocation of funds is:

  1. Passive reserve (debentures, ICOs) – 10%.
  2. Double side arbitrage – 30%.
  3. Algorithmic trading – 60%.

On the basis of the profit and loss as well as on the fund’s performance every quarter a public report is produced that will help traders to plan investment strategies.

Pros of Countinghouse

  • Countinghouse is accessible for many people as they can participate on this platform in only $200. Though, the hedge funds and other funds need a heavy investment of more than $100,000.
  • The traders of Countinghouse have years of experience. Thus, newbie’s can take help from help for making further investment.
  • Countinghouse is a renowned business whose money is already in the market for years. Thus, in order to assemble or setting up any product, Countinghouse does not require the funds of their ICO as in case of other companies.
  • To liquidate the funds through easy and fast way, tokens are sold. Traders don’t need to wait for a long time as in case of any other conventional investment.
  • To reduce the investor’s risk, Countinghouse uses mathematical approach.
  • The funds which are purchased and earned directly go to the wallet of the investors.
  • The users are allowed to withdraw their funds whenever they wish.
  • There are no intermediaries involve in Countinghouse trading.
  • The interface of the Countinghouse is very easy to use.
  • Users can operate the Countinghouse platform both from their smartphones and personal computers.

Cons of Countinghouse

  • The marketing aspect of the Countinghouse is a matter of concern. Since it is a very early stage to figure it out whether it will work or not.

Final Words

Countinghouse is a unique and fascinating platform that seems to perform well by considering their past results. It is also a fact that past performance does not guarantees return of the future. Therefore, there is no assurance that the traders will achieve past results in future on their investment.

The markets of cryptocurrency do not suffer from high ups and downs so there are huge opportunities for people who are capable financially and have software for doing program trading between the numbers of exchanges. Overall it is a promising and encouraging project which will certainly stand out in the market well if they are successful in delivering the expected returns.

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