Futurama Blockchain Innovators Summit


The panel discussions at Futurama Blockchaim Innovators Summit (https://futuramasummit.com/?r=1678181) for the first time will raise the hot topic of the increasingly controversial role of crypto exchanges and their impact. For the first time in the crypto space, the unique networking-focused platform of Futurama has decided to bring heads of major exchanges, emerging crypto-friendly jurisdictions, leading regulators, crypto banks, and Blockchain entrepreneurs together to debate some of the most paradoxically existential issues regarding the role of centralized exchanges in this decentralized brave new world. Joshua Hong, Co-Founder of Futurama Blockchaim Innovators Summit (https://futuramasummit.com/?r=1678181) added:

“Personally speaking, the reason the market has not been taking the news of new regulations or hacking incidents rather well is because market participants do not know what to expect or how to cope with these issues. In fact, I have not seen or heard truly honest and direct conversations between the regulators and the leading exchanges on how to shape the future of cryptocurrency market through collaboration and education. I would also argue that the same lack of direct and honest conversation about how to self-regulate token listings between the exchanges and the crypto ecosystem does exist and is continuously fueled by new ICOs. So, we’ve decided to devote our second iteration of Futurama in Ibiza to that end.”

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