HumanCoin – the new e-commerce cryptocurrency fuelled by the Proof of Charity mining protocol


About is a breakthrough blockchain project, which unites philanthropists and recipients of funds on a single platform in the most convenient and transparent way possible. Donors (which comprise one in three of us globally) can quickly make donations worldwide, monitor their expenditure online and also receive discounts from the platform’s partners. Charitable projects are able to accept funds with minimal overheads and in the shortest time in any convenient currency. Humancoin is a revolutionary platform that is changing the philanthropy industry for good, specifically created to work in synergy with the e-commerce and cryptocurrency markets, which together have a combined value of $3.5 trillion!


  • Doubts over whether the contribution will reach the recipient in full and on time, and a lack of trust in charities.
  • High operational costs of the transactions, the complexity of cross-border payments, as well as dealing with regulatory agencies.
  • Inability to discern any additional benefits for making a donation.
  • Huge competition in e-commerce with the most pressing challenge being to retain existing customers.


  • Blockchain solves the trust issue by providing transparency, traceability and security
  • Donors can quickly make donations worldwide, monitor their expenditure online, receive benefits from the platform’s partners
  • The symbiosis of e-commerce and cryptocurrencies will facilitate an increase in the number of donors

Unique features of Humancoin

  • This is the first ever blockchain project that has the potential to become a global e-commerce loyalty program aggregator.
  • Association with philanthropy gives its tokens a unique advantage in developing loyalty programs with partners creating a strong emotional resonance.
  • Instead of competing with existing programs, the Humancoin token is effortlessly integrated into already existing systems — all it requires is setting a conversion rate.


  • Humancoin is an open P2P platform that allows benefactors to make direct pinpoint donations.
  • Humancoin does not force the artificial use of its token on charitable transactions. Obviously, projects need to receive funds in their native currency that they are comfortable spending the money in.
  • The Humancoin platform can manage the majority of popular crypto and fiat currencies. Humancoin places no limitations upon the projects and users in terms of currencies.
  • Humancoin is not planning to spend the funds on creating adaptations of existing technology solutions. The priority remains integration and compatibility with already popular and established market solutions.
  • Humancoin’s fee for raising funds for charity will be limited to 5% (which will be used for the future support and development of the platform), whereas the commission taken by existing charitable foundations can be up to 20-30%.
  • The platform will feature the industry’s most functional and user-friendly interface, featuring a listing of all the projects broken down by category, a ranking system, voting tools and host of other integrated services.
  • If desired, the donor can leave funds in the Humanpool, and the system will allocate the money automatically to projects with the highest rating from the platform’s community.
  • Humancoin will be the first platform to employ professional (financial and legal) expertise from independent audit companies (forensic audit), especially for the purpose of evaluating large projects.
  • There will be a set of additional options available on the platform, which the users can also pay for with Humancoin tokens (receiving extra benefits in that case).

Token Sale

  • 3,055,000,000 ERC20 Humancoins are available
  • All tokens that go unsold will be burned
  • The price of one token is $0.01
  • Minimum purchase – 0.1 ETH

For more information about HumanCoin access the link whitepaper and HumanCoin.

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