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Why Newton?

First of all, I have to tell you that I am cooperating on some aspects with Newton Project, so my analysis might be more subjective than usual. Nevertheless, this project has a great potential because it is backed by a strong team and it can be applied in various economic sectors. After all, this is what matters and what brings value to a new project – its potential to contribute to the development of our societies and if it can be useful in our daily activities.

So, this is why I am writing this article in the first place. I believe that Newton has appliance and I will explain bellow about this.

Newton Project is named in the honour of the great scientist, Sir Isaac Newton. Its main aim is to create an Infrastructure for the Community Economy. So, basically they will build a new type of decentralized ecommerce system.

More about the platform

Their system will function on a platform called NewChain. If you want to test it, you can find it here. It can reach 10 000 transactions per second and is one of the fastest existing Blockchain platforms. It surpasses Bitcoin or Ethereum platforms by far! Newchain consists of a Mainchain, which serves for account management, token management, human-machine network governance, etc., and Subchains, which will support various data structures, consensus mechanisms and derivative scenarios.

Newton also developed a wallet called NewPay. It is supported on both Android and iOS. It can be used as any other existing wallet for cryptocurrencies and you can test it to see how the NewChain testnet works. Also, Newton plans to release many other features, so stay tuned and follow their new announcements on their Telegram channel!


The Founder is Xu Jizhe. I have done a bit of research about him and have discovered that he is very experienced in blockchain projects/technologies. He made a good work for Elastos ICO and worked for OKbuy also.

I have to tell you that Newton’s team members are owners or are members of multimillion companies related to ecommerce. Their support for Newton means a lot and gives credibility to the project. It means that they are interested to make Newton a viable project and can support Newton with contacts, know-how, finance, human resources, etc.


Newton also has sealed partnerships with many companies related to ecommerce, mainly from China (a market with huge growth potential). These partnerships can “supply” the company with the necessary user base in order to become a working product from the beginning.

Now they have different incentive plans to attract new users from different parts of the world. They are translating their Website and Whitepaper in more than 30 languages! And they will have a reward program for members who invite new people.

Overall, the community is growing and the team is delivering new updates regularly. I am curious to see the outcome of their idea!

In the meantime, you can go and register at their website and test some features they have published already. They also plan  a round of crowdfunding in October, so if you like the project, go and pass the KYC and be ready for their announcement 🙂

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