RainCheck – Loyalty Points Put To Right Use


Created in November 2014, the main underlying aim of Rain Check was to help in online to offline commerce. The key principle upon which this platform has been designed is to ensure that token holders can manage their award points which they tend to accumulate using the endless loyalty schemes across various stores.

With RainCheck, customers can combine the reward points from different schemes under one single digital unit which will be called as the rain token. This token in turn can be used for the sake of carrying out micro payments which is essentially going to render the ability to make really fast transactions at ridiculously low cost. So, this model can end up being a win-win situation for both the parties involved.

With the blockchain technology becoming more and more popular, RainCheck has been designed to offer an array of benefits to the end users that includes but is not limited to the ability to transfer towards good and services and lowering the conversion cost. Not only this, it also aids in efficient utilization of the loyalty points and it is also complaint with the current financial regulations as well. This allows people to transfer at any time and the rate of transfer is amazingly fast too.

No doubt, the technology, initiative and the concept has been applauded by too many people because the right ideas have been put to execution. It remains to be seem as to how effective this platform will truly be in the times to come but the developers are surely very optimistic about it. The pre-sale is already live. You too can participate in it now!

For more information, visit their website: https://raintoken.org


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