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RepMe is the brand new “incentivised” endorsement based networking and social media blockchain community. LinkedIN meets Facebook, PR agency, recruitment agency and talent agency all rolled into an autonomous d’App system designed to filter and introduce qualified networks to engage and cultivate mutually beneficial social and commercial relationships.

How does it work?

Simple. Using a smart contract operated decentralised mobile optimised application, users can simply see through their network, what extended contacts they have. They can then communicate with their own peers or via one of their peers and incentivise the ability to open up a communication line to someone in their network. This will be a powerful tool for business, recruitment, head hunting, opportunities and simply for making friends and dating. They then can either send out a group bounty using tokens to be able to connect with the type of personnel they need or they can precision request introduction with the personnel they wish to connect with and incentivise current contacts and strangers to endorse the meet. This is one of the most basic use cases.

Why is this important?

With HR spending in the trillions each year on personnel and tech – the industry itself to date has been very slow to introduce optimising so­ware and at present state is still a relative pre 2010 legacy market. Commissions and costs of head hunting and recruitment haven’t changed ranging from $1-$10k and even more for top tier personnel. The obscurity however is the fact that while costs and processes haven’t changed much, the dynamic of the landscape has considerably. Standard recruitment and networking success has largely become reliant on social networking and qualified referral from peers. LinkedIn’s success to date is largely due to this social trend. Instead of a stranger at a recruiting agency pitching their client base, it’s an endorsement or a recommendation from a close peer via social channels. With this very obvious trend, organically taking effect, its strange that no company to date has been able to commercialise a global working solution. Repme, as in “represent me” is creating a dynamic, user friendly portal that turns every person in your network into a prospect recruiter and pays you BTC, ETH, or RPM tokens simply for the people you know, endorse and recommend.


or recruiters, organisations, agents and businesses, the repme token is an access pass to greater features. The ability to buy your reach, upgrade your profile, boost your job listings, incentivise your network and send digital gi­s. The best part for companies is with such automation and the use of blockchain platforms to reduce labour requirements and process friction, is that instead of companies spending tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands each year, using the repme token will cost them a mere fraction. It’s the ultimate utility coin within the Repme platform that will become the ultimate recruiting and business networking tool.

Token Details

RPM token is a digital currency used as a medium of exchange and an appreciating store of value. The token is also used as a means to network, recruit, pay for services and upgrades in the platform, purchase real-world products, lend between peers and incentivise endorsements or help you network in a seamless fashion that helps to enhance your quality of life.

Total supply: 100,000,000,000
Total circulating: 50,000,000,000
Token upgrades to be announced soon.

For more information about RepMe access the link whitepaper and RepMe.

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