Shipit is a mobile app that connects senders and travelers around the globe and provides them with cost-effective, fast, and reliable solution to deliver packages. It is also an excellent tool to earn extra money while traveeling. Shipit allows to set new delivery chains, to make complicated processes simpler, and to manage luggage more efficiently. It is symbiosis of best ideas and practices of courier, crowdsource and crowdshipping services.

Objective of Shipit

– to create an alternative platform for expreess deliveries based on principles of sharing economy, blockchain and crowd shipping.


1. Shipit has a system of deposits, reviews and multi-factor verification that ensure safe delivery.
2. Shipit allows to reducee shipping costs and simultaneously get better service that is safer and efficient.
3. Shipit is a useeful tool hat lets a person to earn money and makes trips more cost-efficient.


– all users pass verification to build trust and ensure transparency
– each smartphone is going to have installed Shipit app in the nearest future
– Shipit items to over 1000+ km and still safe money

Crypto wallet

Integration of crypto wallet will allow users to execute transactions quickly. The corresponding fiat payment methods create certain barriers and negatively affeect project’s scalability. This is why creating own crypto wallet and currency becomes the best solution.

Key features

1. Interactive map.
2. Mobile app.
3. Verification of travelers.
4. Verification of senders.
5. Reviews of blockchain platform.
6. Preliminary monitoring of shipments.
7. Safe payments.
8. Cryptowallet.
9. Smart contracts.
10. Digital safety systems.


The global goal is the whole World, but the first priority is given to Asia-Pacific region. The first countries targeted by marketing campaign are South Korea, Japan and the Philippines. The marketing campaign will be based on complex online and offline promotion.

SHIPIT token

Type – Utility
Standard – ERC20
Symbol – SHPT
Overall tokens – 500 000 000
Hard Cap – $ 24 000 000
Soft Cap – $ 3 000 000
Orice – $ 0,1
Further emission – No

Token functions

– to make payments for deliveries at a lower comission rate
– to set higher priority of a sender’s listing in waiing list
– to set higher priority of a traveler’s listing in waiting list
– to lower factoring fees
– to speed up moderation procedure
– to lower mail forwarding commissions
– to lower advertising fees

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