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Tiberius coin is an asset-backed token that allows to directly participate in our portfolio of precious and base metals that are used in industries such as IoT, Transportation, Space, Robotics and AI. This is the most liquid digital asset ever issued, that grows in value over time and allows to eliminate middleman and uncertainties of the cryptocurrency market. The Tiberius Coin is comprised of both a digital (crypto) and physical (metal) component, where the link between the two is maintained by Tiberius, but decentralized through the use of independent service providers. The holder of a token can take delivery of the underlying metal, which supports the minimum price of the token and grants full transparency. The Tiberius Coin (“T-Coin”) is the first crypto-financial product which grants you direct ownership to a basket of strategic metals that are key to future technologies. Tokens act like ownership receipts for an identical allocation and quantity of metals. The metal is held and audited by independent warehouses, and available for delivery on request.

Why is Tiberius Coin safer?

The Tiberius coin in essence boils down to less price risk than other cryptocurrencies. Although the metal-backed cryptocurrency has multiple applications and users of varying background, the Tiberius Coin begins and ends with being safer. More “stable”, given there is less price risk during normal trading: The Tiberius Coin has a market price which is (1) less volatile than other cryptocurrencies, and (2) can drop by only a limited amount – this is because the market price of the token is supported by the intrinsic value of the underlying metal. More “secure”, as value in a global melt-down or otherwise:
Even in the case of a collapse of several cryptocurrency exchanges or metal markets, the underlying metal is always 100% collateralised and therefore a secure storage of wealth.


  • Secure & Stable. Tiberius Coin uses smart contracts that allow it to function like digital cash. This means less risk, less speculation, and an easy way to invest in technology. Zero is impossible with Tiberius Coin.
  • Flexible & Liquid. When Digital Assets crash and new regulations are introduced, cashing out is nearly impossible. Months and years of profit can be lost in minutes.
  • High Growth & No Fees. Invest in a token that will grow your money not lose it. Tiberius Coin provides you with a unique way to profit from the soon-to-be $34 trillion technology sector.
  • Regulated & Transparent. It embraces regulation and see it as a necessary stepping stone. Their vision is to make investing more accessible to every day investors like you by democratizing the entire process.

Metal Insurance

First and foremost, the purchase of the Tiberius Coin constitutes a final sale of metal to the owner of the token. The token itself is an identification document which identifies the respective metal held under a global certificate for the benefit of the owner of the token. Price Waterhouse Coopers audits the inventory on a quarterly basis. Further Tiberius Asset Management, a FINMA regulated company is contracted to manage the stock on the basis of an asset management contract.

Token Sale

Token TCX. Price 1 TCX = 0.70 USD. Bounty Available. Platform Ethereum. Accepting BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, Fiat. Minimum investment 100 USD. Soft cap 20,000,000 USD. Hard cap 35,000,000 USD. Country Switzerland. Whitelist/KYC KYC & Whitelist. Ico Time 2018-10-01 – 2018-10-21

For more information about Tiberius Coin access the link whitepaper and Tiberius Coin.

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